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  2. Response to infectious diseases

Response to infectious diseases

Response to Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • Our Corona Disease are based on the guidelines provided by the accommodation industry and the “New Hokkaido Style” Security Declaration.
    Kushiro Public Health Center Center and carry it out.

【Main efforts for staff】

  • ・All staff will check their physical condition (body temperature measurement, etc.) every time they commute based on the checklist.
    ・All staff will wear masks during work.
    ・We will increase the amount of alcohol disinfectant in this facility including the backyard.
    ・Regular disinfection will be performed based on the checklist in the public space of this facility.
    ・We will refrain from attending unnecessary business trips and meetings.

【Main initiatives to ask customers for their cooperation】

  • ・Customers are kindly requested to cooperate in wearing masks in this facility.
    ・Information to the room after check-in will be temporarily suspended.
    ・Please move your luggage by yourself.
    ・Disinfection in all guest rooms will be carried out based on the checklist and information will be disclosed.
    ・At dinner, empty plates will only be served by the staff dedicated to the lower set.
    ・The drink corner service set up in the lobby will be temporarily suspended.
    ・We will shorten the business hours of the shop.
    ・One-day hot springs will be temporarily suspended.
    ・Check-in, check-out, dining venue, extension of usage time, etc. may not be accepted due to thorough disinfection work.
    ・Social Distancing (2m or at least 1m) as much as possible.
    *Please understand that other than the above, we may change and operate without notice.
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