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  • An example of kaiseki cuisine

  • An example of kaiseki cuisine(Negimenme hot pot)

  • Panoramic view of the buffet

  • Example of buffet food(Black cow in the starry sky)

Shinobi winter buffet haspo(Hashipo)

  • Shinobi winter buffet "haspo"(Hashipo)

    Opened April 2022 Buffet venue"haspo"
    This is the first full-scale buffet at Kawayu Onsen
    Kinkiyu Hotel Breakfast Buffet, which was originally well received by customers, will be further enhanced and served at dinner.Mainly, we offer healthy steamed dishes with the image of Mt Io and seasonal Eastern Hokkaido ingredients in the open kitchen.
  • Black cow in the starry sky

    In the live kitchen, we offer teppanyaki of Shibecha brand beef "Hoshizora no Kuroushi".
  • Steamed Mt Io

    The main steamed food corner offers seasonal ingredients from time to time.Depending on the day, steamed oysters from Akkeshi and Hanasaki crab from From Nemuro may come out!
  • Wild plants such as garlic, From Teshikaga sprouts, bracken, etc.

    Allium ochotense was served with tempura, and soy sauce pickles were provided as scrolls.Since this is a seasonal product, it will be limited to mid-May, but I would like to offer other ingredients only here as much as possible.

    that? Is it different from any other buffet? I haven't seen it so much, but is it delicious?
    I wish the cook could feel what it was like.
  • Freshly sushi

    In the live kitchen, you can enjoy freshly sushi made by artisans.
    If you want to eat a lot of other foods, we also offer sashimi, so please feel free to ask.
  • Hot spring morning(Breakfast)

    This is the only dish that you can eat with the "hot spring bean paste" made using Kawayu Onsen in the morning.
    Served only for breakfast.
  • Cow boobs milk(Breakfast)

    It is milk and yogurt to drink at Watanabe Experience Farm, which is a local Teshikaga.

    ~Watanabe Experience Farm Passion~
    Cow's boobs milk is milk squeezed from low-stress cows grazing leisurely in the Mashu steppe.It is the milk that calves should drink from mother cows.I asked them to divide it a little and made it into a product with all my heart.The milk is full of the gentleness of mother cows and is carefully made one by one.

Chief chef

  • Takatomi Kusaka, General Manager and Chief Chef of the Facility

    Born in Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido.
    After training in Kyoto, he worked at the fireside of the family business and worked as a chief chef at an inn in Kawayu Onsen
    Kinkiyu Hotel Chief Chef in 2015.
    In 2018, he became the general manager and chief chef of Kinkiyu Hotel
    In 2019, he became an executive officer of Kawayu
    In 2020, became a director of Kawayu
    Bettei SUIKAZURA (SUIKAZURA) as general manager and chief chef. 

    Experienced from hotels to face-to-face business in towns, and has a wide range of activities.

    The inscription on the right is a cook who can sing and dance(Lol)