【Official】Kinkiyu Hotel Bettei SUIKAZURA(SUIKAZURA)

Experience the luxurious countryside experience in the Kawayu

Akan-Mashu National Park is Japan's largest caldera terrain and has magnificent nature such as volcanoes, forests and lakes.
Kawayu Onsen to Sengen the Mt Io Among them is a rare strongly acidic sulfur fountain in the nation.
Meals are of local From Teshikaga edible wild plants, vegetables, Japanese beef, such as Kushiro, Nemuro, Abashiri
The chief chef will wholeheartedly cook seasonal fish caught in the sea.
See, experience, taste, soak in nature and experience the full luxury countryside experience.

About sales of HOKKAIDO LOVE Discount (national travel support)

  • HOKKAIDO LOVE discount has ended!

    【Notice of LOVE discount sales start】 It has ended!
    From May 8 (Monday), 20% of the accommodation fee (weekdays:3,000 JPY/overnight stay
    Holidays:2,000 yen per person per night) We will start selling reasonably priced HOKKAIDO LOVE Discount (National Travel Support).For details and conditions, please visit the Official website.Please note that the discount cannot be applied if the conditions are not met.

    HOKKAIDO LOVE discount


Response to Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • Kinkiyu Hotel and Kinkiyu Hotel Bettei SUIKAZURA, we take measures against infectious diseases according to Coronavirus Guidelines

    Our Corona Disease are based on the guidelines provided by the accommodation industry.
    “New Hokkaido Style” Security Declaration
    Kushiro Public Health Center Center and carry it out.

About GoTo Travel Campaign(Currently dormant)

  • Reservations by phone, also bookings from our website is the discount plan of all GoTo travel.

    ■How to use when making a reservation from the Official website or directly by phone
    Official applying for a reservation on the Official website
    1. All accommodation plan are eligible.Please apply from the Official website.
    2. After completing the reservation, please obtain the discount coupon by STAYNAVI
    *Jalan, Rakuten, travel agencies, etc. do not require registration.
    3. Please present your reservation confirmation number (coupon number) and ID at check-in.

    ■When applying for a reservation by phone directly
    1. At the time of booking, please mention the GoTo Travel exclusive accommodation plan
    GoTo Travel Discount Application Confirmation Form" at check-in.
  • GoTo Travel Business user, please be sure to read "Compliance Rules for the Use of Go To Travel

    ■To everyone who uses the GoTo Travel Business
    If you do not promise or cooperate, we will not allow you to use GoTo Travel Business
    The secretariat may request the refund of benefits.

    ■GoTo Travel Campaign Discount Limits
    ・Driver's license camp(Applications after November 1, 2020)
    ・Travel with entertainment by companion(Products with entertainment after November 6, 2020)
    ・For business trips not primarily for tourism(Reservations after November 6, 2020)
    ・Travel plan with courses and expensive services(Reservations after November 1, 2020)
    ・Discount up to 7 nights at a time(Reservations after November 17, 2020)

Hotel Facilities

  • Front desk

    The Teshikaga Town is a treasure trove of tourism resources.
    Introducing various experience tours and sightseeing spots including the Kussharo Headstream Canoeing
    Please feel free to contact the front desk.
  • lobby

    The lobby has a calm atmosphere based on black.
    Please relax after taking a bath and after a meal.
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Hotel Name



1-2-3 Kawayu Onsen, Teshikaga Town, Kawakami County, Hokkaido Prefecture

Telephone number

Reservation) 015-483-2211 On the day 015-486-9701


From Tokyo to Memanbetsu Airport by plane, 1 hour drive from the airport.
6 hours drive from Sapporo2 hours by JR from Kushiro
"Get JR Kawayu-Onsen Station and take the Akan Bus For Kawayu Onsen"
Get off at Taiho Sumo Kinenkan-mae, and the journey takes approximately 7 minutes."

There is a pick-up service(conditions)
JR Kawayu-Onsen.We will pick you up if there is no connecting bus.
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Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.

015-486-9701 On the day) No. 1 reservation) No. 2 

From 10:00 to 18:00 For other inquiries, please contact 015-483-2211 (Headquarters)